Power Supply Butler XP Kit Assembly

Butler XP PSU Mains Kit

The Butler XP PFS is a really great product working off batteries (2 x AA). But sometimes customers want a more permanent installation. For that reason we made a new 'mains' kit comprising of a special replacement power supply, a custom mounting bracket and even the screws and rawl plugs to fit everything.

Why this LRS product:

This power supply kit is the authorised kit. Using anything else will invalidate your warranty. Without this custom bracket the Butler XP CANNOT be mains driven effectively. Using a mains voltage through the required power supply also has other benefits. When operating on mains the Butler XP can transmit further and that can be important in some cases depending on the environment. We recommend that for any permanent installation especially in health and safety or first aid environments that the mains power supply kit is used.

Features and Benefits


We guarantee the Butler XP when you use this power supply kit to drive the Butler XP from the mains. Easy to install and a great way to be able to 'install and forget'. Its so effective in health and safety and first aid applications.

Compatible products

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The Butler XP is used in many sectors but is most prominent in the first aid and health and safety business. It has been proved to save lives. It is waterproof and can work outside safely. Used also in Retail. It can be purchased in any one of a number of colours.


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