CS Coaster Call Guest Pager Updated!

CS Series Guest Pagers

Long Range Systems started the coaster pager revolution back in 1993 when we invented the first coaster pager. This unique device has special charging methods only found on the Coaster Call as well as other manufactured in designs to make this the most robust customer, patient or guest pager in the world today. This new CS6 and CS7 updated is an incredible upgrade on the original. Now there is two way communications between the coaster and the transmitter so each device is intelligent - the only system to do this with guest pagers. Increases throughput, Notify people faster when you need to, Minimize crowds in waiting areas, Eliminate overhead paging, Free guests from being tied to the waiting area and much more.

Why this LRS product:

The CS7 and Coaster Call original units stack up to 15 high and you can charge up to 60 with 4 charging bases. The rubber bumper helps stop damage from being dropped and the anti theft is excellent. The coaster call can flash beep or vibe and can stack on the charger any way around. No other coaster pager does this and its usually important when you're busy. CS7 communicates to the transmitter and the system KNOWS if a page was received! This is the only coaster guest paging system that does this available today and this feature changes dramatically how the solution works and will work in the future.

The CS6 pager is more basic than the CS7 as it only has a red flashing leds whereas the CS7 is multi coloured but most everything elase other than the two way messaging is the same as the CS7.

Lastly we also have a CS NOTE that is similar to the CS7 but has a removable cover so you can easily advertise on the top of the guest coaster. All other features are the same as the CS7 Pro coaster pager.

Features and Benefits


We use a UK legal UHF frequency for perfect reception and most range signal in the UK which is OFCOM regulated. Our coaster has a 'heartbeat' to show that the battery is charged and the unit is operational.

We make the unit in red, green and blue plus multicolored and white. Now with 'Ack' messages so that the transmitter 'knows' that the pager received the recall! Stack pagers any way. We use  NiMH rechargeable batteries guaranteed against manufacturing defect for 5 years. Flash, vibe with a glow option. Coaster numbers available above and from the front of the unit. 4 charging pins that ALL work. Battery life is approximately 48 hours on a single charge. Red, green, Blue, Multicolor & White. CS6 is red.


Compatible products

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Coaster chargers handle up to 15 coaster call pagers. But you then simply link together two chargers. The power is then shared to another 15 coaster call pagers. Works with every coaster pager type.



Our T7470 transmitter is a high power transmitter that can also send SMS texts to customers or staff. It can be used to message all of the pagers we sell.


Guest Transmitter: T9560-MT WITH EIGHT MESSAGE TYPES

This is a medium power transmitter usually used for customer or patient recall for the UK and can transmit any of 6 custom messages to up to 999 pagers.



This custom made wooden coaster holder is designed to store your coasters in an attractive setting. The holder comes in two models: a 45 coaster holder and a 60 coaster holder. The coaster holder is unstained so it may be stained to match any decor. USA made to the highest standards.


Pager Maintenance Agreements: THE BEST SUPPORT IN THE WORLD

It's true there are many suppliers out there, but none of them come close to LRS UK for quality and support. We offer some favourite maintenance agreements which can even send you 'free' pagers each month.


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Reimagined and Updated

No matter which CS series pager you might choose, each and every one of them offeres features and major benefits that other competitive products cannot meet. LRS is the inventor of guest pagers and the update to CS series was an incredible step. The CS series leaves behind all other patient or customer pagers.

A Class Act

It does not matter whether you are seeking the highest technology available for guest pagers, or are price conscious when investing in a solution for your business. We have the answer within the CS series of solutions.