Table Tracker System for Restaurants

Table tracker location system

Table Tracker is the new system for casual restaurants that can make your runners seem like they have GPS. Imagine being able to track an order from the first placement of that order with you, then, seeing exactly how long its taking to prepare. Now imagine tracking that order tight back to where the waitress or runner collects the food, then delivers it directly to the right table on time and as the chef intended. Now it could be useful to know exactly which orders are over running by time and inform management when the time is going to be exceeded. Lastly, getting all this information with reports would be a useful option.

Now don't imagine any longer - Table Tracker from Long Range Systems does it all... and then some. If you want more information we have a dedicated website for table tracker at


Why this LRS product:

Table-Tracker, the LRS patented table locator system, helps runners deliver food orders faster. The device wirelessly senses the exact table number each order should be delivered to. Runners no longer have to search the restaurant while the customer’s food gets cold. Table Tracker is about the size of a CD and less than half an inch thick. It doesn’t take up any valuable table space because it uses RFID tags installed under the table. In fact, the sensors aren’t visible to your guests.

When the Table Tracker is handed to the customer, it sends a signal to the touch screen display which shows the order number. The only way to remove an order number from the touch screen is by returning the Table Tracker to the kitchen. If the device is not returned, the manager will be notified within minutes. Full equipment inventory reports are available online.

Delivering food quickly and at the correct temperature is critical to the success of any restaurant. With Table Tracker, online reports are available to show these delivery times. Reports can be accessed by managers or the corporate office.

Features and Benefits


Complete solution for the fast casual restaurant. Increased QOS. Handles the largest restaurants easily. Hidden sensors on the table ensure that the system remains tamperproof. Easy control of problem or late orders. Robust units that can handle fast casual volumes. Not available from other companies - LRS patented technology protects your investment.

How It Works:

1. Your guest places their order and is handed a Table Tracker device
2. They select a table and place the Table Tracker anywhere on the table
3. Table Tracker sends table information back to the kitchen touch screen
4. When the order is ready, the runner checks the screen and knows exactly where to deliver the food
5. Full reporting is available online or downlaodable for common analysis programs

Compatible Products

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Table Tracker Locator System: ITS LIKE HAVING RUNNERS WITH GPS!

This system for FAST CASUAL concepts leads the world. Imagine bringing out food and you already know where the customer is seated - even if they move tables! Full manager paging and reporting options.


alpha pager unit
4 Line Alphanumeric Pager: TEXT PAGER BATTERY DRIVEN

Managers often use the four line alphanumeric TEXT pager from Long Range Systems UK with Table Tracker solutions; it is one of the best units available anywhere. Great feature range and can work from a single AAA battery for up to 6 months.


quality manager pocsag pager

When used with table location systems like our table tracker the one line alpha pager is a unique choice in the paging world. Its robust, designed for on the shop floor and is rechargeable. a single charge can last as long as 48 hours.


Pager Maintenance Agreements: THE BEST SUPPORT IN THE WORLD

It's true there are many suppliers out there, but none of them come close to LRS UK for quality and support. We offer some favourite maintenance agreements which can even send you 'free' pagers each month.



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Exact Location

The fact is, that Table Tracker has the ability to locate a customer to their exact location. Some types of table location devices cannot do that because of the underlying technology they use. Its one of the reasons why the long range systems table tracker is the leader in it's class.

Key metrics

Table Tracker is able to collect important data metrics that are simply unobtainable any other way. These key metrics will offer an insight to the operation of your company so that you can improve efficiencies and see how to make changes that can be checked with table tracker data later.