Pronto and OptiCall Transmitter

Pronto & OptiCall 6 Button TX

This is our new Pronto push for service button. It comes in a six button version and has the ability to page one pager, a group or all pagers. The unit can beep when a button is pressed if you need the user to be aware that the button has been pressed. While this device is lower power than our Butler XP its also lower cost too. There's a repeat page facility and this can be set up so that when the repeat page is cancelled a message is sent out to pagers confirming that. The unit is suitable for literally hundreds of industries. Unlike other push-for-service paging systems, the wireless PRONTO Transmitter can be placed anywhere you need it: on top of the desk, mounted to the wall or even under a desk to discreetly page someone. Staff members can contact each other when they need assistance or customers may request assistance with the push of a button. This unit is used extensively in changing rooms, opticians, hotels and restaurants, health and safety and first aid and more.

Why this LRS product:

The Pronto and OptiCall products are low cost solutions for where range is not really an issue, but if you do need more range then the LRS range extender will increase it substantially. The units can run off battery or mains (optional) and the unit can be programmed with up to 6 custom messages. One of the lowest cost quality push for service units in the world. Improves staff productivity while at the same time increases service. Simple to install and use.


Features and Benefits


Six button device. Battery or mains driven. Nice elegant design. Range can be increased with our range extender. Beep can be turned on or off. Battery Operated or Powered from the mains (optional). Easily wall mountable with screws provided. Available with 6 buttons. Repage feature sends multiple messages until the request is cleared. UHF Frequency for the UK and is fully OFCOM compliant in the UK. CE and RoHS compliant. Wireless - no wiring involved and super rugged. Scalable - add additional units at any time
Compact size: 10.16cm diameter x  2.54cm deep. Customized messaging and Includes 60 assorted button labels.

Compatible products

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4 line pager
4 Line Alphanumeric Pager: TEXT PAGER BATTERY DRIVEN

When used with the Pronto or Opticall transmitter the four line alphanumeric TEXT pager from Long Range Systems UK is one of the most cost effective solutions available anywhere without compromising quality. Great feature range and can work from a single AAA battery for up to 6 months.


production text pager

These one line alpha pager is unique in the paging world as a rechargeable pager. Its robust, originally designed for on the shop floor and is rechargeable. Just one single charge can last as long as 48 hours.



This power supply is only used for the Pronto PFS push for service transmitter and OptiCall™ 6 button units. All power supplies are custom for LRS equipment and only LRS power supplies should be used with Long Range Systems equipment. This power supply is UK ONLY.


Pager Maintenance Agreements: THE BEST SUPPORT IN THE WORLD

It's true there are many suppliers out there, but none of them come close to LRS UK for quality and support. We offer some favourite maintenance agreements which can even send you 'free' pagers each month.


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Pronto PFS System

Our pronto PFS (push for service) button is a low cost solution that can message staff individually, as a group or everyone. This is fully programmable for free. Pronto uses either batteries or a mains power supply.

OptiCall System

OptiCall is a modified Pronto system specifically designed to be used by opticians for hand over paging.