Manufacturers Paging Systems

There is a need for effective communications


It's essential to have good communications within a manufacturing facility. After all, we are one ourselves. Whether you are trying to notify staff of a phone call, QA issue, or required assistance, on premise paging is the solution to help meet those needs.
Our systems consist of push button paging, PC paging, text messaging, forklift & truck driver paging, and telephone interconnect. Speedy communication can have several benefits within an organization.

No matter what communications issues you might have Long Range Systems LRS UK can help. We offer multiple paging and communications solutions specifically designed for manufacturers and logistics industries. Trust LRS to deliver what you need.

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Use for production line issues, health and safety, first aid paging or even deliveries.

Butler XP
A waterproof transmitter for indoor or outdoor use.


Butler II

This device has a dry contact that can be used to connect to machinery. When an error occurs it can message an engineer or operator to attend. Also used for first aid push for service uses.


Driver Pagers
Truck Driver Pagers: Now you can communicate with truck drivers directly and tell then exactly which bay you need them in for loading or unloading. Our systems can page direct to the pagers, or SMS TEXT, or even email the drivers.

Check these types of driver pagers:
  * CS Series Coaster Call
  * Paddle Pagers
  * Cellphone Paging
  * Netpage Unlimited


Guest Sessions customer paging with data collection

The guest sessions product is our newest app for Apple tablet. You can visually page a customer, but more importantly, see exactly how long customers have been waiting, and collect important data metrics to show exactly how your organization is performing. This link takes you to our Guest Sessions specific website.

Works with these types of customer pagers:

  * CS Series Coaster Call


Netpage Unlimited
Employee Paging:  Make communications work perfectly and eliminate overhead calls by using our Netpage Unlimited PC and Network Paging Solution. Notify employees with SMS, email or pager.


If you need to integrate paging in to your custom systems no problem. Our OEM TX is designed exactly for your needs - with 4 dry contacts.


Two Way Radios

We supply radios for most applications (and ATEX standard if needed) with accessories to match. Motorola, Opus, Kenwood, iCOM and Vertex among others.


Maintenance Agreement

 We have on offer some favorite maintenance agreements which can even send you 'free' pagers each month if needed.


How to learn more


Reduce production stops

Our OEM board on this page can be easily integrated to support up to seven separate pieces of equipment. The OEM board, on error of what is being monitored can message an engineer or other person so that the error can be corrected quickly.

Emergency PFS buttons

Perfect for emergency situations. Press the button and first aid (or other) staff will appear quickly. This system can message an individual, group of support, or even everyone when the button is pressed. Contact us for more info.