Health Club Paging Systems

Give members the attention they deserve


Coordinating members with trainers, dieticians and other specialists can be a challenge.
With LRS on-site communications staff pager systems, keep your staff organized and efficient. Reduce most of the overhead requirements. Our paging solutions are a great way to find parents if they have a child in the nursery.

We also have other products not listed on this page that are entirely suited to children's nurseries to help protect against unauthorized intrusion or exit as well as other security devices that are used in this sector. All our products from LRS UK come with a manufacturers 3 year warranty if made by LRS.

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When you use the push button assistance your club is going to be ahead of the competition. Allow customers to call personal trainers immediately when they are needed.


Butler II

The Butler II can message approximately 250 yards (230 metres) without extra boosting available separately. There are five push for service buttons capable of being programmed to any requirements. Battery operated with optional mains kit, this unit can message all of our pagers.


Netpage Unlimited Networked PC

Netpage Unlimited keep staff communicating no matter where they are on premise or not. This paging system provides instant communication to staff.


Parent Pagers

Provides peace of mind for parents when you look after their children while they are at your facility. Complete family paging lets staff notify parents should assistance with the children be needed.

Check these types of parent & staff pagers:
  * CS Series Coaster Call
  * Paddle Pagers
  * Cellphone Paging
  * Netpage Unlimited


Guest Sessions paging with data collection
Incredible new app for Apple tablet - visually page anyone on site, but more importantly, see exactly how long customers have been waiting for maybe service or a meeting, collect important data metrics to show exactly how your organization is performing. This link takes you to our Guest Sessions specific website.

Works with these types of customer pagers:

  * CS Series Coaster Call


Two Way Radios
We sell and support ALL major brands of radios including Motorola, Opus, Kenwood, iCom, Vertex HTQ and more.


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Quality Service Matters

In the competitive business of health clubs the better service staff off, the better the retention of customers using the gym or health club facilities. Our equipment will ensure that customers are always helped as fast as possible in your premises.

Quality wireless radios

If you need quality radios in your health club or gym then we know that we can supply radios at very competitive pricing - and we can supply every brand of radio and accessory.