Professional Office Solutions

Have the ability to quickly contact staff


Solid commercial communications have becomee a necessity in recent times.

Our solutions have been developed to meet every need for interoffice communications. With our paging systems you'll be able to:

* Discreetly notify staff - even when they are in meetings
* Reduce having to track down key individuals
* Notify employees when they're away from their desk
* Reduce on hold hang-ups
* Limit "phone tag"
* Page groups or individuals

These systems is robust and tried and tested all over the world including the UK and the cost factor alone compared to other solutions should suggest that you need to know more.

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Butler II
These low cost one or five button transmitters comes complete with a fitting kit. The buttons can be custom programmed to send out messages (silently) to staff or a manager with an alphanumeric pager. The Butler II operates on either 3 x AAA batteries or we also have an optional mains kit.. but batteries will last for up to 1 year.


Our Netpage Unlimited is a PC or Network paging solution that enables you to contact staff whether on or off premises.

Netpage Unlimited
Netpage unlimited has been developed so you can page someone (even on an 'onsite' pager) on any of the sites you may have that have internet anywhere in the world. The system also supports email AND SMS Text paging to mobile phones.

For stand alone systems check out our T7470 transmitter.

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PC Network paging

Our Netpage Unlimited can operate either stand alone, or over a computer network. It is possible to call customers or patients or staff from the PC screen. Importantly, there is no application on each PC as the NPU operates through a browser. Heirarchic menus and great security are important and this application ticks all boxes. Lastly, the app supports, on-site paging, emails, SMS texts and even the ability to page over wide area networks. Ask for details.