Retail Staff and PFS Paging

Retail sector solutions for fitting rooms and staff communications


Push for Service to service to staff and customer paging solutions. We have also developed other systems solving communication challenges for dressing rooms, receiving docks, assistance buttons and more.

Benefits of our retail systems include:

* Improves customer service
* Eliminates overhead paging
* Improves staff communication
* Reduces the need for staff

Our communications equipment improves communication between staff and customers which increases service and profitability from efficiency. We offer solutions that will drive growth for your retail business and increase sales.

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On demand service for guests at your establishment. The Butler XP paging system is waterproof and can withstand the elements. Your guests won't even have to leave their chair if they need service.


Butler XP
A waterproof transmitter for indoor or outdoor use.



Used any time that customers are waiting. With the LRS customer pagers you can now allow customers to be browsing or shopping instead of waiting in line. This alone is a clear example of how easily guest pagers build business and make your service second to none..

Customer Pagers
Used for any time customers are waiting. make queues invisible and increase customer service. Page from any stand alone transmitter a telephone or even a PC sending SMS Texts.

Check these types of customer pagers as used throughout the UK:
  * CS Series Coaster Call
  * Paddle Pagers
  * Cellphone Paging
  * Netpage Unlimited


Cuest Sessions customer paging with data collection features
Incredible new app for Apple tablet - visually page a customer, but more importantly, see exactly how long customers have been waiting, and collect important data metrics to show exactly how your organisation is performing. This link takes you to our Guest Sessions specific website.

Works with these types of customer pagers:

  * CS Series Coaster Call


Our latest technology for inter-office paging. The system can even SMS text colleagues on their mobile phone as well as pager or email. Full Reporting via your browser.


Two Way Radios

We supply every brand of two way radios for most applications with accessories to match. Motorola, Opus, Kenwood, iCOM and Vertex among others.



Check out our warranty on these fine products - its the best in the industry - three years as standard. 


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Wireless Two way Radio

We supply thousands of two way radios per year. Whether bought or rented, we can offer pricing that smaller companies simply cannot match. Its one reason why we supply wireless radios (or walkie talkies) throughout the UK in to small or large companies and have a very good reputation for support.

Range of fitting room PFS

We can supply a number of custom push for service solutions suitable for fitting rooms.