Car Dealer Customer Service Levels

Car Dealer Service Levels


Bad customer communication can be contrary to what a car dealership is all about. Do you want to eliminate intrusive overhead paging? And what about customers being kept on hold until they hang up and go elsewhere? Do you want to reduce on-hold hang ups? Do you want to easily notify customers waiting for their vehicles?

Long Range Systems offers a complete line of paging systems and solutions to solve those issues in your industry.
From Netpage Unlimited our PC based application to our telephone interconnect products, Long Range Systems paging systems enable you to contact staff and customers using SMS text messaging or one of our on-site paging products.

Car Dealer Solutions

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If customers can't contact staff (maybe at an unmanned reception) and it seems that there's no one giving service customers have been known to walk away. Our 'push for service' products address that issue.

Butler XP
A waterproof transmitter for on the car lot lets customers call for sales.



Butler II

A small unit with up to five messages. Can be used in multiple situations in your dealership for staff or customers.


Customer Pagers

Customer Pagers: Used in a car dealership usually for any time customers are waiting in your waiting room. With the LRS customer pagers you can now allow customers to browse your stock or showroom - even outdoors but they are just a button press away from returning..

Customer pagers for car dealers:
  * CS Series Coaster Call
  * Paddle Pagers
  * Cellphone Paging
  * Netpage Unlimited


Guest Sessions customer paging with data collection option

A perfect application for the car dealership. This new app for Apple tablet allows you to visually page a customer, but more importantly, see exactly how long customers have been waiting, and collect important data metrics to show exactly how your organisation is performing. This link takes you to our Guest Sessions specific website.

Works with these types of customer pagers:

  * CS Series Coaster Call


Contact your staff easily.

Netpage Unlimited
Use your PCs to communicate silently and easily to staff wearing LRS alphanumeric pagers. There are options for standard or custom messages and those can go to an individual, a group or everyone. Its easy to page customers too either to LRS pagers or to their cellphone if off site.



Two Way Radios

We supply all radios licensed or license free for most applications with accessories to match. Motorola, Opus, Kenwood, iCOM and Vertex among others.



Maintenance Agreement

It's true there are many suppliers out there, but none of them come close to LRS UK for quality and support. We offer some favourite maintenance agreements which can even send you 'free' pagers each month.


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Where are those sales guys!

It can be very frustrating when you can't find a sales person. There is nothing more infuriating than not getting good service when you need it. But some companies don't always realise bad service when it's actually happening in their company.

Sales improvements

Sometimes it's not possible to always attend to a customer 'at the drop of a hat', but not attending to potential customers will undoubtedly result in walk aways. LRS UK offers solutions that can notify staff immediately that a customer needs sales service and actually increase sales within the dealership.