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Our other internet websites

As well as this website, we have over many years developed other websites that sometimes specialise in particular products and/or services we offer. We originate from being a technology company and some of those websites reflect the business we did back then and still carry out today. So examine all of these links and feel free to visit any of these sites as they are there to offer other information not covered on this website.

Specialised websites offer a different persspective on the products we sell and those websites have been specifically tailored to describe those solutions in a way that is more commensurate with the specific sector. For example, 'fire alarm pagers' website shows paging solutions in a way that highlights features for that sector.

As a point of clarity our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy is the same for every site we have.

Links to other sites that we operate

Website Description Our original internet presence Updated site with focus on sectors Table Tracker Website Guest Sessions Website Hospital Paging Systems Website Restaurant Waiter Pagers Website Smarter Pagers Website Pager Website Specsavers Training Website Coaster Pagers Website Coaster Paging Website Pager Ireland Website Pager Call Website Pager Call System Website Pager Protector Cases Website Guest Paging Website Yacht Pagers Website Schools Lockdown Website First Aid Pagers Website Call for Service PFS Website Call Buttons Website Deaf Person Paging Website Opticians Website Customer Pagers Website General Paging Website General Paging Website ATEX Radio Website Business Mobiles Website Our IT Department Website Our Hosting Services Website
There are other domain names that simply point to the above websites so provision of information about Long Range Systems UK Ltd is extensive.