Library Service Paging Systems

Call customers back


Contact visitors and recall staff members any time you need them with these silent library paging systems from LRS UK. Our paging systems are used in libraries across the country helping library staff to be more efficient while improving customer service.

Do you need to quietly communicate with staff no matter where they are in the building? if so, Netpage Unlimited is what your looking for.  Do you have customers waiting for computers or study areas? Our customer pagers are the perfect solution.

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Our Butler XP is used by customers to page staff from any room if they need help or service. The Butler XP or the Butler II can also be used for staff to staff communications too.

Butler XP
A waterproof transmitter for indoor or outdoor use which can be used for paging from any room. No hard wiring required.


Butler II

A small unit with up to five messages. Can be used in multiple situations for staff or customers.


Customer Pagers

If you have patrons waiting for maybe a book to be located, or any other reason, its easy to recall them when you have it found. Coaster pagers are used for any time customers are waiting. With the LRS customer pagers you can now allow customers to be gaming instead of waiting in line. This alone is a clear example of how easily guest pagers build business.

Types of guest pagers:
  * CS Series Coaster Call
  * Paddle Pagers
  * Cellphone Paging
  * Netpage Unlimited


Cuest Sessions customer paging with data collection included
Brand new app for Apple tablet - visually page a customer, but more importantly, see exactly how long customers have been waiting, and collect important data metrics to show exactly how your organisation is performing. This link takes you to our Guest Sessions specific website.

Works with these types of customer pagers:

  * CS Series Coaster Call

message text sms paging

Keep those waiters and ervers on the floor serving guests for better table turns and faster service. When the food is ready call them back with our kitchen to waiter paging systems.


Netpage Unlimited
Netpage Unlimited for PC and Network. Contact your staff easily.



Two Way Radios

We supply two way radios for most conceivable use and applications with accessories to match. Motorola, Opus, Kenwood, iCOM and Vertex among others.


Contacting us


Library budgets are tight

With government and local area authorities cutting back on funding in many libraries these days, it's important to find communications equipment that can meet a budget without affecting the quality of the product or indeed the service quality of the supplier.