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Staff waiter paging systems

If you're using old ideas for calling staff (think bell, shouting, or overhead) then its likely time that you thought about paging systems for staff and servers. Our systems are probably the best for server paging in the world today. Our kitchen transmitters have lots of features that other products lack and the benefits include faster table turns, increased efficiency and increased bottom line profits.

Useful information:

Our systems are capable of reprogramming pagers on site if necessary so if for example if one gets broken or lost its a simple matter to install another easily. White boards are not really needed because your server number is the same as his pager number thus keeping things really simple in operation. However we include a whiteboard by default.

Systems Offered


T9560EZ Kitchen Transmitter: Wireless pager programmability. Molded Lexan case. All-page feature. Changeable default settings of 1,2 or 3 vibes. Economically priced. Crystal-controlled frequency. Works with all Service Pagers. Handles up to 12 pagers.
Range test mode. Operates on battery or 240 volts. Built-in Plexiglas name board. Built-in battery meter. Overall size: 22cm x 28cm. UHF frequency in the UK is 459.100Mhz.


Get the highest quality and robust kitchen solutions from Long Range Systems LRS UK. Our systems have been specifically developed to solve the problems associated with server and kitchen communications and have some of the leading technology in the business all backed up with our incredible warranty.

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Why LRS products?

Waiter paging from Long range systems is nlow cost, innovative, offers unique features and has a wonderful range. But just as importantly these products benefit from a three year warranty against manufacturing defects. No other company stands by their products for this length of time.

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These waiter call systems are used throughout the UK in some of the largest companies around and have been for years. Those companies could choose any brand but often they did... and lived to regret it. Today those same companies switched to long range systems products because of issues with other suppliers. If you want the best solutions for your company then you found it here.