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Communications can make or break any event


Your latest prospect arrives at your booth and asks to speak to your sales person. All the sales people on the stand are busy with customers. Unfortunately, the other sales person left the booth about 5 minutes ago. The prospect says they’ll come back later… we don't think so. Opportunity knocked but nobody was there to handle the enquiry.

How many times has this happened to your company? There is nothing more frustrating than having what is likely a sale be mishandled because the sales person maybe took a break. Those trade stands cost a fortune these days so its imperative to maximise the opportunity. But if you simply can't get hold of your people when they are needed who knows what that sale might have been? Likely it's your competitor! Don't get caught out because the sales persons cellphone was intermittent at the show and there was no way of contacting that person.

To solve this problem, LRS has introduced instant staff communication for events and is one of the best solutions available. Each system can eliminate missed opportunities like the one described above. You can purchase systems, or if you are interested in renting, please see our rental options available.

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On-site alphanumeric pagers display a detailed message instructing the person what booth to return to. This transmitter can automatically page a person at a preset time reminding them of a meeting or important event. You can even page entire groups such as service people or a product line group.



Our 6 button wireless PRONTO paging system uses the latest technology and can RECALL customers easily.

radios Two Way Radio
We supply radios for most applications with accessories to match. Motorola, Opus, Kenwood, iCOM and Vertex among others.


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Wireless radios on offer

As a major supplier, we are able to offer either rental or purchase of radios at incredible pricing structures. We supply all brands.

Our PFS Buttons

These small 'Pronto' buttons can (believe it or not) actually call a pager over most entire trade shows! All you need is a pronto and as many pagers as you need for your system. Programmed for free!