HTQ8100 Lone Worker Wireless Radio

HTQ 8100 Lone Worker and man down wireless radio

HTQ is a new brand to the UK marketplace (but not new to the wireless handset two way radio market worldwide) and has a strong pedigree with a fresh approach to radio design and manufacture. For lone worker with a 'man down' option these radios are a very cost effective solution and work exceptionally well. These radios meet ALL UK and European standards and requirements. This brand is a LICENSED radio for the UK. With an original logical and comprehensive product range this brand has some big ambitions for the future and is a name will become associated with both performance and value for money without compromising the quality of the products.

Why this LRS product:

The HTQ8100 is an extremely robust radio specifically made for use of lone workers in hazardous areas. Low cost accessories without compromise to quality. Low cost lone worker solution for the UK.

Features and Benefits


The perfect every day all rounder: IP66 ingress protection. 2100mAh Li-Poly battery. Super loud audio with 45mm speaker. Firmware upgradeable. Lone Worker and 'man down' alerts. The 8000 is our most advanced analogue radio. With a magnitude of advanced technical features and leading mechanical build quality. A host of specialist safety features make the 8000 the radio of choice when staff safety and security is paramount. Couple this with incredibly loud and punchy audio and you will see why this radio offers exceptional value for money.

Compatible products

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HTQ8100 radio

For lone worker with a 'man down' option. This is a licensed handset and operates on UK frequencies.These radios are a very cost effective solution and work exceptionally well. Licence costs are exceptionally low and last currently for five years.


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Incredible Value

The HTQ8100 handset is one of our most robust wireless radios that we sell. It also has many features not found on other lower quality radios or even more well known brands that are not always best value from a customer point of view.