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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, Can I change my order?
  2. Question 2, Can I try your products?
  3. Question 3, Do you match prices?
  4. Question 4, What about an OFCOM license?
  5. Question 5, Other companies say they have the same products?
  6. Question 6, Some companies claim they supply corporate accounts that you do?
  7. Question 7, Can you supply ALL paging systems?
  8. Question 8, Is there anything else I should know as a potential customer?
  9. Question 9, Need help?

Answer 1: Can I change my order?

You can change your order up to 14 days providing that the equipment you want to change is not used or abused in any way and is as supplied in its original unmarked boxes. If the equipment has been damaged then we cannot change products for you.

Answer 2: Can I try your products?

Yes. LRS UK is one of the only companies that offers a trial of our equipment from 7 to 14 days (depending on product) where you can try it out without obligation. We do have trial terms which you MUST sign to be part of the trial of equipment from Long Range Systems UK.

Answer 3: Do you match prices?

Yes. We will match prices only when you provide a written quotation from other companies for products on a like for like basis. Firstly others don't offer our warranties and certainly don't match our quality. But we GUARANTEE to beat ANY UK price by at least 10% on that basis. Now that's REAL magic!

Answer 4: What about an OFCOM license?

Licensing can be a complex aspect of anything that transmits, and paging solutions are no exception. Here in the UK Long Range Systems products and will probably need a license. Firstly, if you are considering competitive products most likely they need a license too, but often competitors charge £75.00 for three years where  we charge just £15.00 per year (as indeed OFCOM does). Its not a legal requirement for your supplier to tell you that you need a license and often they don't tell you. But you that will be in breach of the law when you use the system and you are likely to be fined.

Here at Long Range Systems LRS UK our equipment most equipment is licensable, but we still operate on 459.100Mhz as a standard frequency for the UK equipment and the license costs just £15.00 per year. We manage it for free.

EQUIPMENT PURCHASED EVEN FROM OTHER LONG RANGE SYSTEMS OFFICES OUTSIDE THE UK IS ILLEGAL TO USE IN THE UK as it will be operating on other frequencies which could be used for police or medical use and could threaten life.

Answer 5: Other companies say they have the same products?

Really! Well competitors in the United Kingdom say a lot of things that are basically incorrect or they like to suggest that their often inferior or copied equipment is in some way 'better' than that of Long Range Systems LRS UK products. The most important thing to remember about what those other companies say when they are selling you equipment is: 1. What is their warranty compared to that of LRS UK. 2. Will they give you a trial period up to 14 days without strings attached? 3. Is the equipment really suitable for your needs (for example if you are a hospital do you really want equipment with speaker holes where bugs can hide - irrespective of the claims those companies make about coatings or sprays?) 4. Is their product just simple cheap Chinese or Korean made without proper manufacturing control? 5. Is their equipment fully approved for Europe. Many companies say their products are but in reality they cannot provide certification for CE and RoHS compliance.

Answer 6: Some companies claim they supply corporate accounts that you do?

Why does this matter? Simple, you don't get in to major companies unless your products and service AND pricing is second to none.  however, we have seen some suppliers that put lots of 'corporate' users on their website, but in reality often they supplied one system on a trial (that the corporate paid for) that was later never used. Its true they DID supply... but not as you might have thought from their website. Long Range Systems UK on the other hand has supplied (and continues to supply to this day) most of the large companies in the United Kingdom. We do NOT put our corporate clients names on this website and we are quite capable of selling our products without having to resort to that sort of tactic to achieve sales.

Answer 7: Can you supply ALL paging systems?

No. We specifically do NOT supply crash systems of any kind for hospital environments.

Answer 8: Is there anything else I should know as a potential customer?

Yes. Long Range Systems UK will give you the best service and support on your equipment that is world leading. We offer the best warranty, the best maintenance agreements and the best products. Anything else is simply an 'also ran' and you might be waiting a while for it to come home. Ask us for references!

We offer full customer pre and post sales support facility as a gesture to potential customers. Whether you just want us to specify a system for your exact requirements or whether you want us to design a complete solution for world wide paging or any other application nothing is too much to ask. We are more than happy to assist you whether you are buying or have bought previously and need some support or assistance. It's a pleasure to help.

Answer 9: Need help?

Call us on 01782 537000